All-State HS Band Auditions

2020 All-State Band Results

2021-2022 All-State Ensemble

Update: April 28, 2021

The NJMEA Board has decided that the November All-State Ensembles will be a virtual experience. Please see the attachments for information on the virtual audition process and updated deadlines. Please note that Winds and Percussion should use materials posted to the ‘Band Auditions’ tab, and strings should utilize the ‘Orchestra Auditions’ tab and associated links. Please contact our performance chairs with any questions or concerns. Please also note that no decision has been made regarding the February ensembles, and information will continue to come out as we monitor what becomes possible later in the year.

Wind & Percussion applicants can expect to submit all application materials by June 6th. Auditions will be processed virtually and students can begin preparations for the following tenets of the audition:

  • Repertoire Solo
  • 12 Major Scales
  • Chromatic Scale

Audition Requirements

All-State Endorsement Pages

All students must complete the required endorsement page to participate in a New Jersey All-State Orchestra. Your teacher must also complete the director endorsement page.

Orchestra Winds & Percussion Registration

Student applicants and directors please use the following forms to register for the 2021 NJMEA All-State Orchestra.

All-State F.A.Q.

  • The audition cycle will be totally virtual, both for students and teachers/adjudicators.
  • The previous announcement is only in relation to the November groups, which are Mixed Chorus and Orchestra. Previous announcements have come out from NJAJE regarding All State Jazz.
  • Band auditions are for those students who wish to participate in Orchestra for November.
  • All State Band auditions (Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band) will occur separately during the normal timeline (2022).