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2019 All-National Ensembles


Several years ago, a scheduling conflict arose between the NAfME All-National Honors Ensembles (ANHE) and our November All-State events. Unfortunately, after many discussions with NAfME about this conflict and the hardship that it places on New Jersey students, the scheduling of the ANHE will once again conflict with NJ All-State in November of this year.  NJMEA policy states that all students must complete their New Jersey All-State experience in order to participate in All-National Honors Ensembles. Because the dates conflict this year, we cannot endorse any Chorus, Orchestra, or Jazz students for the 2019 All-National Honors Ensembles. Band students will remain eligible as long as they fulfill their February All-State obligations, and do not select to also be a member of the All-State Orchestra. This is consistent with how NJMEA has handled this conflict in the past.

We will continue to discuss the situation with NAfME with the hopes of a better outcome in the future.

The following files must be downloaded by all accepted students.

Medical Form Fillable