NJMEA Student Technology Expo


 The New Jersey Music Educators Association will be sponsoring the 11th Annual Student Music Technology Expo and Competition on  Friday, May 21, 2021.  The Expo will be held online courtesy of MusicFirst. More details including registration information will be forthcoming.  Online pre-registration will begin on  January 11, 2021.

Virtual exhibits will showcase student compositions, remixes, multimedia, and applied technology projects. Projects submitted in advance for adjudication will be evaluated by professional adjudicators. The online event will include presentations by industry professionals and  promenade style exhibitions. Awards will be presented  to category winners at the conclusion of the event.


The first-ever Student Music Tech Expo was held on March 15, 2011. The goal was to provide a venue to showcase students’ creativity and accomplishments, starting with the premise of a “music tech science fair.” Due to the onset of COVID-19, the event was held virtually to continue the tradition and opportunities for students to present their works.

Project Categories for Submission

Please note that projects must represent the work of individuals or groups no larger than 4 students.

  1. Original Compositions

    created using technology including works for traditional and/or electronic instruments. Compositions should prominently illustrate creative use of technology. Projects incorporating use of prerecorded loops will not be considered in  this category. All compositions, including those intended for live performance, should be rendered or synthesized in some digital manner (MP3, CD, laptop) as there will be no space provided for live performance.

  2. Covers, Remixes & Loop-Based Projects

    including arrangements/recordings of preexisting songs, song samples and projects incorporating a combination of original material and prerecorded loops. Projects should demonstrate originality in musical choices and creative use of technology. All projects should be rendered or synthesized in some digital manner (MP3, CD, laptop) as there will be no space provided for live performance.

  3. Multimedia

    works demonstrating the convergence of music with more than one  discipline, which may include art/photography, video, broadcast journalism, and digital storytelling. Works need not be original compositions, but should reflect creative use of technology.

  4. Applied Technology

    encompasses distinctive projects that utilize technology for a  specific purpose. Works may include the creation of new electronic musical instruments, interactive music systems, software projects to aid in composition, performance, and music instruction, and more. Projects should be self-contained for a simple demonstration. Submission must include a brief description of the design/development process and relevant photos or video.

  5. Production/Engineering

    Students entering this category will demonstrate their skills in production or engineering created within a digital audio workstation (DAW). Students will  be provided pre-recorded tracks for a recording in advance of the Expo, and work must be completed and submitted by the deadline provided. Individuals and teams of up to 4 students may enter this category.

For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Andrew Lesser, NJMEA Technology Chair njmeatechexpo@gmail.com