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Amy Burns
Far Hills Country Day School

Amy Burns Explains to Steve Adubato the Benefit of Exposing Infants to Music

Early childhood music is defined as music for students ages zero to eight. This page will assist music educators with resources that they can utilize in their early childhood music programs. In addition, this page will also list early childhood music professional development events that will occur in the future. 



Exciting Opportunities for NJMEA Elementary Music Educators!


Webinars for Elementary Music Educators! Earn PD in your PJS!


The seven webinars are “Seesaw in the Elementary Music Classroom”, “Assessment in the Elementary Music Classroom”, “Using Technology as an Ice Breaker in Your Elementary Music Classroom”, “Flipping the Elementary Music Classroom,” “Four Seesaw Activities in the Elementary Music Classroom”, “Ten Tech Tools to Assist with an Elementary Music Concert,” and “Chromebooks in the Elementary Music Classroom”. In all of these webinars, Amy shows how to use technological tools to showcase students’ musical works, how to get your music curriculum onto your parents’ mobile devices, how to assess elementary music students, how to create ice breakers with book creator (bookcreator.com – web-based and ios) and google forms (web-based), how to flip your music classroom (using explain everything), and Seesaw Activities. Go to this web address and follow the directions on how to receive PD credit: http://amymburns.com/webinars/ 

Newest Webinar!

The newest webinar for elementary music educators is: “Chromebooks in the Elementary Music Classroom”. In the past few years, Chromebooks have become a popular choice for schools to provide to their students. Due to the affordability of Chromebooks and that more programs are becoming web-based, I believe that more schools will be utilizing Chromebooks in a 1:1 atmosphere. 1:1 is when students have a device that they carry with them or is provided to them throughout the school day. In this webinar, I show numerous websites, apps, etc, that students can use to actively make music, show what they know, and reflect on their musical experiences and knowledge. Though there are more apps than the ones that I show, this webinar gives you a great starting point. I do show a plethora of sites and apps, so please remember that this is like a dessert buffet: if you eat everything, you will regret it and get sick. Try just one or maybe two items in this webinar so that you do not regret it and do no get sick. You can view it here: http://amymburns.com/webinars/ 

If you are a NJMEA member, you can earn 2 PD credits for participating in this webinar. To earn the credits, you need to send me a summary of the ten tools and to answer the following the question at the end of the webinar. You can submit it to me here.



 Denise Gagne’s Series (http://denisegagne.com/?page_id=13) – Denise has a plethora of materials from Sing and Play on Special Days to Alphabet Action Songs to Musicplay. All of these materials can be successfully used in PreK. They have a Facebook page here!

John M. Feierabend’s First Steps in Music Series (http://www.giamusic.com/products/P-5880.cfm) – Feierabend is one of the music education leaders and this series is excellent because he gives you books about songs and movement activities, uses repertoire based on folk or traditional songs and poems, gives you lesson plans and suggestions for setting up and class and preparing parents, and includes a nice classical component. Join their Facebook page to learn more!

Music Together (http://www.musictogether.com/) – Music Together started in 1987 and its classes are based on the knowledge and recognition that all children are musical and can therefore achieve basic musical competence. Music Together offers resources, materials such as songbooks, CDs, instruments, and storybooks, and teacher training of their materials. Music Together has free webinars about early childhood music in the classroom at edweb.net

National Association for Music Education’s (NAfME) Position on Early Childhood Music Education 
(https://musiced.nafme.org/about/position-statements/early-childhood-education/) – This position will assist you when advocating music education for your school’s PreK program. 

Pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/doremigirl/preschool-early-elementary-music/) – When you input “preschool early elementary music” in the pinterest search bar, you will find numerous pins to explore. 

Teachers pay Teachers
(http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Browse/Search:PreK+music) – When you input “PreK music” in the search bar, over 200 results appear. 

 The Little Beethovens  (http://www.thelittlebeethovens.com/) – There are some great ideas for PreK music lessons on this site.

Early Childhood/Elementary Products:

Music is Elementary: http://www.musiciselementary.com/mie2/products.php
Rhythm Band

Instruments: http://www.rhythmband.com/products/EARLY%20CHILDHOOD.aspx

Wenger: http://www.wengercorp.com/teaching-tools/elementary-products.php 

West Music: http://www.westmusic.com/c/kids-and-movement

 Articles/Blog Posts About Pre-K Music:

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