Editorial Policy & Submission Guidelines

 This section contains information on how to submit articles or ads for publication in TEMPO Magazine.

Editorial Policy

Articles may be submitted to the editor of this magazine by anyone who wishes to write about topics related to music or music education. All articles which are selected for publication will be proof read for content, spelling and grammatical errors. 
Authors who submit an article to TEMPO Magazine for publication agree to all of the following:
1. the editor may edit all articles for content, spelling and grammar.
2. the printing of the article in TEMPO Magazine and the printing date and placement are at the discretion of the editor.
3. permission is granted to reprint the same article in any National or State Music Education Association magazine on the condition that the author’s name and TEMPO Magazine are to be mentioned in all reprinted articles.
4. no exceptions will be made regarding items 1 through 3 above.
5. the author of the article may submit his/her article to additional magazines for publication. 

Criteria for Submission

  • All articles should be submit as a Word file electronically to tmosher@njmea.org. If sending a Word file with pictures embedded in the file, please also send high quality tiff or jpg files of each picture used. Articles also may be printed out and mailed to Thomas A. Mosher, TEMPO Editor, 80 Jumping Brook Drive, Lakewood, NJ 08701. This printed copy enables me to see how you expect the article to look when printed. DO NOT SEND PDF FILES OF YOUR ARTICLES!
    Please include your name, where you work, & email below the title of your article. Also, send a high resolution photo yourself (head shots preferred).

    The following are suggestions for submitting materials for publication: 

  • Articles should be 823 words or less for one page with a header and 1800 words or less for a continuation to two pages. Remember that lists and examples take up room and decrease the number of words allowed. Articles which run several pages should be edited by the writer and submitted in installments (part 1, part 2) for publication in successive issues. 
  • Informative material, such as announcements of events, will be shorter and placed accordingly. 
  • Submissions should be of interest to either all music teachers or select groups such as high school band directors, elementary classroom, intermediate orchestra, etc. 
  • Articles should be educational, new, controversial, inspiring, informative, etc. 
  • We do edit and proof read all articles, but PLEASE spell check your document before submitting it for publication. Be especially careful with names and titles. TEMPO has received articles in which the name of the person being discussed was spelled differently three or more times. 
  • All articles should be submitted as an email attachment or on a CD. Please use a wordprocessor such as Microsoft Word. It does not matter whether you use a PC or a Macintosh computer. Do NOT use old, outdated programs as we may not be able to open the files.
  • Any actual photographs being submitted for inclusion must be clear, have excellent contrast, and glossy. Please include a note with names of people in the photo or a description of what it shows. 
  • Any articles that contain pictures of any kind must include the actual picture file in addition to the article. For example, if you place a picture in Microsoft Word it looks fine on your computer, but will not print in the magazine. Please transmit the article for consideration and include the actual picture file as an additional item in EPS, TIFF, or JPG format at 300dpi. JPG formatted images should be actual size or larger. Small JPG images will distort when enlarged, but larger ones look fine when made smaller. If sending 72dpi JPGs, please be sure they are at least 12 inches wide or more.
  • If you are using music examples in the article, please save them from your music notation program in TIFF format and be sure to include the picture files on the disk. If you do not have a music notation program, please hand write the example clearly and they will be entered into the program for you. 
  • Please: (editing submissions for publication takes a lot of time. The following will save us time)
    A. Never use the space bar more than once in succession.
    B. If you want more than one space, use the Tab.
    C. Space once before or after using a parenthesis. For example: (1) Band or Band (1)
    D. Space once before using and after using a quotation mark. For example: John said, “Your band played that very well.” Then he drove off. 
  • If something comes up last minute, call to see if you still have time to submit for that issue. 

 Deadlines for Article and Ad Submission

  • August 1 for the October Convention Issue 
  • November 1 for the January NJMEA Conference Issue 
  • January 15 for the March Issue 
  • March 15 for the May Calendar Issue 


Advertising is accepted for all TEMPO Issues which is directly of interest to music teachers. Download the TEMPO Media Kit which contains rates, contract, and advertising information from the TEMPO section of our website. See above for deadlines for ad submissions.