TEMPO Express



July 27, 2016


There are two parts to this email:
1. Last Call To Enroll For The NJMEA Summer Workshop IX
2. A Message For Members of Region II

NJMEA Summer Workshop IX
Tuesday, August 2, 2016
8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Last Call…It’s Time To Enroll!

Here are some highlights:
Classroom music
-Hone your guitar and ukulele skills.
-Explore Orff Around The World and African-American Gospel Music.
-Bucket Drum-on and jam on your recorder.
-Tune in to Basic Recording Techniques, Mic-ing Your Chorus Effectively, and Live Sound Basics.
-Utilize technology skills and techniques relating to Assessment, Communication, Creativity, and Chromebook applications.
-Play in the Tech Sandbox when time allows.
Special Ed
-Engage in SPED conversations on Engaging All Learners, Activities For Behavior Disorders, Hearing Loss, and Parent-Para relationships.
Choral Music
-Engage in voice building, Rap in Middle School, Acapella rehearsal techniques, and multi-level reading sessions.
Instrumental Music
-Learn instructional techniques for your non-ist domain, engage in elementary band and string reading sessions, pedagogy, and effective practice techniques. 
Special Topics
-Meet the Reps from Quaver and Yousician, Dialogue on the non-musical aspects of your job, Music and Mental Health, and Do you need a supervisor? Bring your needy instruments to our resident repair-meister!
Next steps: Enroll now, browse the session grids, and plan your day…now!
Registration is now open online, at the conferences link on the NJMEA website
where you can view the all of session offerings as well.
Additional questions? contact akinskas@rowan.edu or njmeasummerworkshop@gmail.com

CJMEA Announces Professional Development Program

Dear Region 2 Colleagues:
One of the goals of CJMEA is to support our teachers in their professional growth.  To continue these efforts, the CJMEA executive board has created a professional development grant program.  With the support of your administration, we encourage you to apply for a grant in order to create music-specific professional development opportunities in your district.  Grant requests will be evaluated by the CJMEA executive board and awarded until our allocated funds for this are depleted.  To download the application, please go to the CJMEA website (www.cjmea.org) where it is posted on the main page.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions to awarshafsky@cjmea.org.  Thank you and have a wonderful summer.
Adam Warshafsky
CJMEA, president